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We've started moving!!!!

torxe a posted Aug 2, 12

I've started moving the forums, so don't be surprised if you encounter locked forums. There will be a post at the end of these locked forums with a link to the discussion on the new forums.

If you haven't registered on the new forums yet, here's a link:

I suggest you bookmark this page!
Also the most active members have already been registered 
(it could be that we missed some, so take no offence if you've been very active but not yet invited for registering here)

After registering you'll have to apply for becoming a member again here, or if you encounter us on Private chat, give us a yell. (Preferably myself - that is Torxe).

If you haven't been very active and we've never seen any real work from you, you'll be asked to make a small entrance task to show us your skill and devotion.

Kindest Regards,
Torxe - Site Admin


madman12308 a posted Jul 2, 12
I'm sorry to be an absolute grammar Nazi, but please, if you are going to make a post, please, double check your spelling and try and make your sentences run coherently. Google is but a few clicks away, if you are unsure of how to spell a word, do a quick check. I understand that some people do not speak English as a first language but please try your best.
Just had to get this off my chest, it's been driving me insane.

Thanks xP
torxe a that won't do you much good with grammar though ^^
armour797 a Also, there is a spellchecker on right click so just type in rough what the word is and then right click and you get the...
flanns *English as a first language, but please try your best Grammar Nazception
Just a reminder to read the rules of conduct before posting any threads, and also to look at any threads that have something to do with what your thread will be about, to avoid pointless posts.

I have seen a lot of these, most of them ideas, good, but un-needed as of now, about the storyline or how to merge lores, like making Tamriel and Alagaesia different 'universes' and different ways of explaining the dragons' differences. These really clutter the forums and are rather pointless, so from now on, I will delete any new threads that are about a category discussed in a current thread, and I hope other admins will do the same. 

That isn't to say you shouldn't post ideas- you should- just make sure you post in the appropriate forum.
NovaLeo And it's devastating to have a great idea and have it denied, so better never tell it if the problem is already sol...
madman12308 a I'll second that xD

Posting Images

madman12308 a posted Jun 7, 12
If you plan on posting an image, please upload it to the picture gallery in your profile page then post the URL of the image using the tool available. That way we can view the image without loading a new page and it also keeps all work local to this site.

Thanks xD
avenger So I just signed up to be part of this, and would like to know how i can get started with the modding, I have never work...
madman12308 a If you want, but its a lot easier for us to view them and it keeps everything in one place
flanns So should I no longer link to my imgur gallery?


torxe a posted Jun 4, 12
To be able to work out storylines and missions we'll first need to work out if we want to make a stand-alone or a extension mod.
The decision will be made by majority vote

Check out the thread:

No need to decide right away;
you're not able to change your vote so think carefully you have 1 WEEK time;

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